New Cooperation Agreement: SV Justiz Kids

Cooperation agreement with SV Justiz Kids Graz. Gernot Rittner, Roland Goriupp and the whole trainer team of SV Justiz Graz.
Gernot Rittner and Roland Goriupp (middle) as well as the whole trainer team of SV Justiz Graz.

We are pleased to announce concluding another skills.lab cooperation agreement with SV Justiz Kids (SV Justiz Kids).

This youth division of the traditional club SV Justiz Graz has been recently set up by Gernot Rittner. He and his team of trainers around Christian Lang decided to follow new, innovative training strategies in the near future. Therefore, their young talented players will train regularly in our football training simulator to improve their technical, cognitive and physical skills.

We wish the officials, all coaches and, above all, all the players a lot of fun and success on their way. We are looking forward to meeting you for training in skills.lab!

Links: SV Justiz Graz