Austrian trainer education @ skills.lab

Our sporting director Roland Goriupp was glad about the visit by prestigious football coaches within the scope of the Austrian trainer education!

ÖFB-trainer-eduction supervisor Dominik Thalhammer and both training supervisors of BSPA Vienna, Mag. Wolfgang Hartweger and Mag. Manfred Uhlig, welcomed 30 participants.

Initially, Roland Goriupp provided an extensive theoretical description of the skills.lab training system. Afterwards, all participants watched a one-hour training session by Philipp Sittsam (1999) und Jörg Wagnes (1999). In the following a few participants of the trainer-education-program also tried our training system on their own.

The intensive training session was followed by a discussion and feedback session. Our football training simulator was perceived as very positive and innovative because of its countless training possibilities and its usage for football academies and LAZ-training facilities.