Slovenian UEFA-Pro-Trainerausbildung

Slovenian UEFA-Pro-Trainer-Education visited skills.lab

Brane Elsner and Zdenko Verdenik
from left to right: Brane Elsner, Roland Goriupp, Zdenko Verdenik

Last week we experienced international flair at our training facility in Wundschuh! Many participants of the Slovenian UEFA-Pro-Trainer-Education visited skills.lab.

Under the leadership of the Slovenian football association, Brane Elsner (son of the former ÖFB-team chef Branko Elsner) and Zdenko Verdenik, 20 future pro coaches inspected our football training simulator.

Both U15 players Gal and Adriano from NK Maribor Youth Academy.

To demonstrate the countless abilities of skills.lab two talented young players from NK Maribor Youth Acaemdy intensively tested our trainings. All visitors observed their skills enthusiastically.

Afterwards, a vivid discussion about efficiency and possible applications of skills.lab for academies and clubs took place.

We wish all trainer candidates all the best and good luck for their education and future!

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