The Future of Training

skills.lab is a high-tech training system. Surrounded by high-speed ball machines a player can concentrate exclusively on his individual training goal. Ball control, passing precision, shooting – all measured precisely and compared clearly.

Playing Area

  • The playing area is shaped hexagonally, measuring more than 11m length and 20m diagonally. A playing area of 320 m² offers plenty of space to train all sport relevant actions (cross balls in soccer, transitions in football, finishing in handball).
  • The playing area requires approx. 26 m x 26 m x 7.5 m of space.
  • Shape and turf of the playing area can be adjusted individually.

Ball Machines

  • The facility currently features 4 ball machines. Parameters such as output angle, spin, speed and interval between ball ejections can be adapted to suit the player’s needs.
  • Each ball machine can eject up to 20 balls a minute. In our experience an average training intensity requires between 100 and 200 balls in 10 minutes.
  • Balls are ejected with speeds of up to 130 km/h. Customized advancements can be realised.
  • A fully automatic ball management system provides sufficient balls for each training session. There is no need for collecting balls between trainings, which improves efficiency and intensity of every training session.
  • Of course we provide service, maintenance and spare parts

Electronic Equipment

  • Full HD projectors display a wide range of virtual game situations.
  • HD cameras and laser scanner keep track of the ball and player in realtime. Resulting data (e.g. pass precision, player‘s path, speed of the shot, action time, heartrate, ball trajectory) is analyzed by our system.
  • Balls are recorded with a precision of 10 cm. Shooting speed is calculated simultaneously.
  • A built-in sound system allows players to train in pleasant conditions with their favorite music or simulates stress situations.
  • Several video cameras are positioned around the ground to record each training session and to provide a live view. Recorded videos can be analyzed afterward.
  • Further external measurement systems can be integrated on demand.

Software and Operation

  • skills.lab is operated with an intuitive user interface from a tablet or smartphone.
  • Our remote maintenance support service guarantees professional customer support worldwide.
  • Currently, more than 50 different types of training are available. Every type consists of up to 5 different levels of difficulty to challenge diverse players for all ages and abilities.
  • Our in-house software department is continuously improving the facility’s functions and developing new training sessions. Further adjustments according to your wishes as well as extended evaluation possibilities can be realized any time.
  • Our software allows single or multiplayer modes.
  • Each player gets a unique account. Hence, we can keep track of the player‘s development and design training programs customized to the player‘s needs.
  • After each training measured parameters are combined to a skills.lab score. This allows for a simple performance presentation and players are encouraged to permanently improve their performance.